Rabu, 09 April 2008

My black box...

I've a black box..it contain all my secret, my deep secret, even my dark secret..and only me and god have the key to open it..i'm not saying that i'm proud of my secret, not att all..that's why now i'm going to locked that box and threw the key away..
If I cud turned back time there's something that I wud changed, not bcoz I regret it happened to me but bcoz I want to do sumethin better. I consider all my mistake a life journey that I shud go through to get me to this point, to makes me more mature and more human. I learned lots of things from my black box, I even makes the same mistake twice [really showed that i'm human rite].
Now me and my black box in the near future are going to close ourselves up. I'm going to locked it and threw the key away. It's one way for me saying gudbye to my past and start a new journey.

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