Selasa, 18 Maret 2008

Smile...U have friends

I'm smiling now..coz i got friends...the kind of people that makes me laugh and listen when i cry...makes u done some crazy stuff and thinking of it all over again with a smile on ur face...lots of thing happen in my life...friends come and go..but only best friends's just a life cycle and i'm oke with that...sometimes friend betrayed u too....but u don't have to think bout it...just move forward and lived ur life more happily coz you just got a big lesson from it...
I'm still smiling now coz when i'm sad i noe in the other corner i've someone to comfort me and tell me that everything will be just fine...i still have friends that will help me to be in the rite track and will remind me if i got this evil things in my now i'm smiling coz i have lots of friends...:D

special tx 2 : Pipiet, Bebby, Cta for ur advice when my head isn't functioning..hehehe

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