Selasa, 18 Maret 2008

Luv Poem

Never Luv a luv that hurts...
Never hurt a luv dat loves.
once u've loved, u'll allways feel the luv
4 wat's in ur mind may escape
but wat's in ur heart will remain 4 ever....
Lucky is the man who's the 1st luv of a woman
but luckier is the woman who's
the last luv of a man...
Don't find luv,let luv find u.
Dat's why it's call falling in luv
b'coz u don't force 2 fall u just fall....
When 2 friends fall in luv
they learn they r meant 4 each other
When they fall out of luv they realize
they want 2 keep each other 4ever...

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