Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

it's almost 6 month

wow...i just can't believe's almost 6month i'm being a preggy women again..hehe. most of the people are suprise that i'm being pregnant again, coz my king nararya is still under 2yrs and his going to have a sibling :).'s not really an accident that i'm being pregnant. me and my hubby want another child but god gave it to us too early..hehe. we were planning by the end of the year. but i really like being pregnant and thankfull to allah for giving me this child.
my baby is growing inside of me. he's starting to kick me now. what a wonderfull felling coz not everybody can have the same experience i'm having.
my hubby really want a daughter for his next child but as i said before, it doesn't mother if it's a her or a him, coz we will love this child like we love our king nararya :)
hope everything went smooth for my pregnancy. me and my baby always save and sound :). love u somuch my son nararya and my unborn baby :)

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